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When a person visits to love Astrologer, First questions come in his mind how I get Love Marriage. He/ She are eager to know about compatibility with his/her life partner. Even consulting with one, they keep on asking the same questions to other astrologer for love. Love Relations are the building block of our future. To run the human life smoothly, love astrology is a compulsory factor. That’s why we need a trusted partner with whom we can share our feelings. Who can understand you and love you from the core of his heart. In order to Get Your Love Back, there are efforts, communication gaps to be filled and too much patience needed and many compromises needed to be done to get your love back or you can take advise from an expert Astrologer Shandeleji who is Gold Medallist in love astrology because when conflicts come in a relation, then Life becomes difficult for both. At this time, we need to take expert advice who can guide, who can support and will help in taking wise step at that time. Even in the Kundli, these secrets are hidden. The 5th House is the one who is mainly for Love Relations. Who is the Panchmesh or the Master of Fifth house this mainly decides about Love Fortune. Though there are certain other permutations & combinations but this is the basic. So, there is Panchmesh. Now, love astrologer see if any favorable planet looks at 5th House, Love Relations will be healthy & If any unfavorable planet looks at 5th House, Love Relations will shatter. If we only consider Panchmesh & don’t talk about Favourable/ Unfavourable planets then what will be the effect on Love Life… Let’s see.

  • Sun (Panchmesh): Failure in Love, whatever effort we make.

  • Moon (Panchmesh): Unstable in Love.

  • Mercury (Panchmesh): Very Clever in Love. Not Trustworthy.

  • Venus (Panchmesh): Not Good. Involved in lot of Love Affairs.

  • Mars (Panchmesh): Failure in Love.

  • Jupiter (Panchmesh): Trustworthy & Kind Hearted.

  • Saturn (Panchmesh): Lack of Enthusiasm.

  • Venus & Mercury (Together in 5th House): More than 1 Love Affair at same time.

  • Rahu & Ketu (Panchmesh): Ups & Downs in the Love Relation.

In this Blog, we just showcased about Ruling Planet in the 5th House & their effect on your love life. If you want to know more about Love Astrology or if you have questions like if Jupiter is the Ruling planet and marsh is in the Panchmesh Planet then what will be the effect on Love Life? If you have any doubt/ query regarding your Love Affair, Love Matching, your Love Life and it’s future prediction, please contact Mr N.K. Shandileye at 9910195126. He is vastly experienced, Gold Medalist love Astrologer Also, expertise in love problem, love breakup, love marriage and love back solutions, you may visit to visit to our site If you want privacy & want to discuss the most intimate issues with us and seek solutions then please be assured as. In such cases, you can leave your query here We will give you a call. You can also visit to our office at 1585, C- Block, Bagrera Mode, Palam Vihar, GURGAON, India. We will be more than happy to assist you.

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June 25, 2020

Shaka Samvat 1942 Month Ashadh Paksh Shukla Date Chaturthi Nakshatra Ashlesha Sunrise 5.26 Sunset 7.21